gareth blog 6 the digital cover story for #LEGEND starring GARETH T. ... photographed by ME
ghd blog 1 the GHD ad campaign starring ANSON LO photographed by ME
ernest blog 無眼睇 ...... ERNEST in PONDER.ER photographed by ME
mo chai 1 with words mo chai 2 the seoul story i did on my birthday for #MINGS 2 years ago featuring nugget WOOSEOK. & 이채령 ... photographed by ME & styled by the whimsical ADONIS PROJECT
initial blog 1 initial blog 2 initial blog 3 initial blog 4 initial blog 5 the INITIAL ad campaign photographed by ME
emojis blog emojis
gucci ig ad blog ig & facebook ad for GUCCI HONG KONG featuring IP , KIRI , & FISH photographed by ME
anson lo blog 1 anson lo blog 2 anson lo blog 3 anson lo blog 4 the ANSON LO cover story for MANIFESTO magazine photographed by ME
chanel beauty blog still life shot for CHANEL BEAUTY