thombrowe ss18 blog 1
thombrowe ss18 blog 2 thombrowe ss18 blog 3 thombrowe ss18 blog 4 thombrowe ss18 blog 5 with words thombrowe ss18 blog 6 thombrowe ss18 blog 7 with words two brave seoul boys, PATRICK & HYEON GEUN, charging ahead against the bone - chilling wind at the end of the world, in this story we did for I.T POST featuring designs from THOM BROWNE ... by the time we got our shots, the sun decided to part ways with us, as always, i felt speechlessly grateful & lucky to be able to do what i do. what i want is pretty simple, it's not fame not fortune, not 100k followers, but to create something beateous & #wecouldgrowup2gether, yet in a world where money, reality, & survival are the things u are supposed to rank first, letting your dream & imaginations shine through gets harder & harder each day, but once in a blue moon, when all the stars are aligned, the universe will spoil u with a magic moment, where u can leave your shit behind, finally understand why the struggles, the broken dreams, & the heartbreaks are worthwhile, because they happened so that u can get here, at this very moment, where there is nothing but sheer beauty