Thursday, March 26, 2015

seoulmates the sequel - young seoul

1 young seoul ahn seung jun 안승준 ahn seung jun, the golden boy 2 young seoul sung jin park 박성진 sung jin park, THE shit 3 young seoul sung jin park 3 also the supermodel 4 young seoul joo eo jin 주어진 joo eo jin, the ONE
5 young seoul lee sang hyun 이상현 lee sang hyun, the new kid on the block 6 young seoul park jae gun 박재근 park jae gun, the heartbreaker 7 young seoul kim young 김영 kim young, the elder brother 8 young seoul kim han su 김한수 kim han su, the highschool sweetheart 9 young seoul kim won 김원중 kim won joong, the fashion icon 10 young seoul kim won this is our story of eight very becoming korean model boys for elle men hong kong