Thursday, January 24, 2008

i went shoe shopping, leave a message

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bought a pair of saint laurent-esque huge frames, the brand is DITA, come in a super fancy brown leather case, i love.

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salmon pink wintip from LANVIN EN BLUE; white chelsea hightops from COMMON PROJECTS, always want a pair but those in ODIN new york are never on sale

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on the right is a pair of ant from SWEAR, last pair of size 42, on sale; silver leather vans slip-ons, a dream come true.

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the shopping bag from lavin en bleu is tres french, they even wrap the paper bag up with plastic since its raining like hell out


..... said...

lucky man !! bons choix

Coltish Legs said...

I love your shoes! even though I'm not a man.

Nikolás de Lioncourt said...

wow, the lanvin shoes r just great!

Cassaundra said...

those pink shoes are fantastic.

Pret a Porter P said...

i like the dita box.

Anonymous said...

I wish i was male
damn!!! those r lovely