Friday, March 21, 2008

you cut me open and I keep bleeding keep, keep bleeding love

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Dennis said...

Hello. :) The shoes are from the Swedish designer Acne Jeans' previous collection. I had them a couple of months ago and I just found them in the bottom of my closet, ain't it funny?

Take care,

dimonolo said...

hey hey, thank you.

actually i didn´t draw the scetch myself.

but an norwegian illustrater is working on a illustration on me right now. when it´s ready i´ll take that one as my profile picture. said...

pure emotion, I love the first one!!

Dennis, it happened to me TODAY, I founded a lovely high waisted skirt with the same flower print as luella collection...Happy saturday! :-)

LYNN and HORST said...

i'm totally leona addicted right now! the fever got me!

Jaiden Jeremy James said...

i actually like your work

underneath said...

I love the musical references in your work - and your portraits and fashion spreads looks stroger and stronger!