Monday, June 09, 2008

le ballon rogue

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i splurged on this ridiculously overpriced vintage briefcase at Edith Machinist, just because i am always inspired by the little boy from Albert Lamorisse's film Le Ballon Rouge back in 1956. just believe, we shall get there one day.


querik said...

great. I have those pics on my wall

Paul Pincus said...

it's gorgeous.

IƱaki said...

Very very lovely photos!

Anonymous said...

i would spend a fortune on that beautiful piece of leather too, absolutely indispensable.

JMR said...

you are like an angel that came here on this earth for a purpose.....

the red balloon was my favorite book when i was a kid, and i saw the french film for sale at the SFMOMA, but it was $30 and i thought it was overpriced. i decided to put it back and just search for it on eBay. but i totally forgot until i saw this post! thank you!

and thank you for the comment. i really like your blog!!

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