Monday, August 18, 2008

finding neverland

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i never get my lazy ass together to file the columns i have written all these years. above is a piece about finding neverland. about keeping that certain golden piece of us alive. that certain piece of us back when we were young and didn't give a shit. when we still believed with that childlike sense of wonder - something so poetic and fantastic. like Pee-wee, a band of outsiders clip-on bowtie, Le Ballon Rouge, Tim Walker's photos, a pair of Thom Browne shorts, and Peter Pan of course.

"finding" means a hell lot in western romanticism. "finding" snaps passion and courage - the ingredients of dreams. and to dream, is to be a fantasist.


biz said...

you too, super cute!


Outi said...

What interesting thing you say! I especially like the "that certain piece of us back when we were young and didn't give a shit". Truly, I agree! How I'd wich to grow up to be a kid...

Ca said...

Oh... lovely words. I'm actually afraid I'll stay as a kid for the rest of my life, haha.

Javier Salazar said...

wat !!!!!!!!!! ¿? xD
they wont com back ¿? xD

damn ! xD u have told me something bout 3rd seasons xD and here, we r only watching the 2nd episode xD xD xD

watever, i really like ur blog, ill add u ! ^^


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