Friday, October 31, 2008

teenage mutant nija turtles

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MAJOR's holden nowell comes from calgary, canada, he puts his book in his little teenage mutant nija turtles backpack. during the shoot i kept telling him "stop flexing" and the fact was that he no flexing. and then i would say "i'm an gonna photoshop you smaller" and he would scream a big "NO" right back at me like a kid. he's cabbage-patch-baby cute! and look how little am i standing next to him, LOL.


LYNN and HORST said...

i say backpacks are back

sd said...

the child's backpack thing is a major thing at my highschool and at the middle school i attended 3 years ago. it was cute for a while but then it just got to be one of those things that everyone was doing. that's when the lameness kicked in. but his TMNT bag is super cute. hmm but i guess the fact that he's nice to look at isn't so bad either haha. linked you back on my page. hope it's not a prblm

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

He is so cute that he is able to pull off carrying that Ninja Turtles backpack without raising some goosebumps. Oh cute and hot!

yokomiko said...

i love your blog- really great photography and i love your style!

Anonymous said...

loved the photo of the mirror reflection. great !

dave peterson said...

love it!!