tokyo polaroid diary

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triple valrhona chocolate doughnut and organic coffee from NEW YORK CITY DOUGHNUT PLANT for breakfast, just a little reminiscence from the big apple. japan's GAP comes up with their own designs, their jeans are on sale, and rad, 80's carrot cut and the boyfriend jeans are my faves, oh, and their flannel western shirts too, come in extra small. i bought three jackets: 1 / dove gray flannel dinner jacket from COMME CA COMMUNE. 2 / red and black plaids limited edition FIDELITY peacoat. 3 / FREAK'S STORE tweed shrunken blazer. a night out and lotta dancing at THE WOMB. love how starbucks stays open till the middle of the night and everytime you order a soy latte, they give you this green magnet thingy which you use to get your latte at the bar, i don't grasp the concept of it.