Friday, May 22, 2009

early bird special

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breakfasts or brunches are enchanting. no matter how late i stay up till, i would always pop up in the morning just for those. cos the following are worth waking up for, fried oyster omelette and bloodymary from PRUNE, just some side orders of avocados and rye toasts from CLINTON STREET BAKING COMPANY, les pains perdus aux amandes et fruits frais LE GAMIN


Anonymous said...

Tell me: what is your secret? How can you eat all those caloric things and remain as slim as a ballet dancer?

Uncle Beefy said...

Well, would appear, by all accounts, that you lived quite the charmed life! Or at the very least you make it look VERY good!

Color me jealous! ;)

ps - Yes, I miss the days of old fashioned "snail mail" packages and letters. Sadly, I too am horrific at keeping any sort of contact that way! Sad, indeed.

annie.yu said...

i want all these for my brunch when i've got there, are u coming with me? do you remember last time we were keep eating until midnight and we still finished up the waffle?