Wednesday, May 13, 2009

owlish round glasses

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this morning, I woke up thinking i should go get some round glasses, so i headed to two of my most beloved optics in the city, FACIAL INDEX ( all designed and hand crafted in japan, esquisite design and colors ) and SELIMA OPTIQUE ( the last time i was in the soho store was 12 frigging years ago, and i got carried away by trying on all those glasses, i forgot to feed my tamogotchi and it died that day, lol ), and these are the 3 finalists. guess which one would still be in the running become america's next top model, hrm, i mean the pair i bought.


Ca said...

I bet the first pair of round glasss... because they seem a bit green-ish in the photo? Hah!

I want a new pair as well, more nerdy and quirky in tortoise. Save up save up!

StyleSalvage said...

By the placement alone I would also put my money on the top pair. All three really would look rather fetching perched on your nose though. Nice finds.

pac said...

the first one is so cuteeeeee

Anonymous said...

hahaha tamagotchi died. hilarious

Annie said...

i bet its the first one as well. greenish. very kwannam ji colour and different. let me know which one.......

grace said...

hahahha oh my gosh you're adorable