Monday, June 08, 2009

"something bursting me wide open, impossible to hide"

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billy elliot, the musical, won 10 tony awards. that makes me so happy. a story so golden and heartfelt on staying true to yourself will only keep on thriving so beautifully, regardless of what art form is it in, cinema or musical. these three tony award winning dancing boys, david alvarez, trent kowalik, & kiril kulish, are just magical. and that song, electricity, breaks my heart every time i hear it. this coming of age story is just so important to me, you guys have no idea.


Tom Vogart said...

awww thanx!!!
ur blog is very interesting and has nice photos about awesome boys! ;)


Boré said...

cute tutu fairies !

Trajesdedías said...

Merci beaucoup pour votre commentair!

votre amie,

Unknown said...

Thanks! i love the Billy Elliot's film! Ur blog and ur pictures are so amazing!

May Kasahara said...

that is one of my favorite films!

yiqin; said...

So cute! I love the tutus.

James said...

I used to teach Trent, the middle boy in the black and white ballet shot. Great kid, with HUGE talent. it makes me smile whenever i see one of these media shots on a blog. were all so proud of him!!