chai-NA!!! - the last single girl

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carrie opens the glass door and walks into the vogue offices.
enid, "we’re putting together our annual age issue -- and we'd like you to do forty."
carrie, "great. who am i interviewing?"
enid, "no. you. you are forty. i want you to be featured in the magazine as the forty year old -- and here’s the brilliant twist -- bride."
carrie, "wait -- i would be in the magazine?"
enid, "in bridal couture. it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity - so spare me a week of faux soul - searching and just say yes."
carrie, "enid -- i’m so very flattered but--"
enid, "carrie. vogue designers, vogue photographers, vogue airbrushing. nod your head: yes."
carrie smiles and nods.
enid, "thank-you. it will be a sensation. we’re calling it: the last single girl."