Sunday, July 26, 2009


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the sesame coffee with ice cream from UESHIMA is good, like mad good, i can have five a day. the iced version is as orgasmic as the hot one, which goes splendidly well with a chilled boiled egg, some coltrane, and green sofas. and under each coffee table is a basket for you to nest your balenciaga. man, i love tokyo


Marquis de Lannes said...

Hacia mucho, muchisimo tiempo que no pasaba por tu blog...
Veo que sigues haciendo maravillas con tu camara!!!!
Sigue ofreciendonos esas imagenes magnificas!
Un enorme beso desde Paris!!

AxCo said...

By the time I actually make it to Tokyo I'll have to many places to check out thanks to you lol

Unknown said...

i'm so jelousssssssss

Scott Fazzini said...

If I had a little Balenciaga in my life, I would NEVER put her down.

Vanessa Jackman said...

OMG- the basket! I thought the stool that the 3 Michelin star restaurants have for one's Birkin was cool, but I am loving a basket for one's Balenciaga!!