Thursday, July 09, 2009

"boys boys boys with hairspray and denim"

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in the illustration world of JONATHAN REID SEVIGNY, the boys wear short shorts and rolled-up skinny jeans, pairing those with saddle or green shoes, having awesome hair, pouting with melancholy, and looking like girls, wait, or are they girls?! anyway, so boys in the east village in a disney animation, so we could grow up together, so hooked i am


Anonymous said...

Sweet and Delicate Boys.
Wavy hair is also nice.
"Alone but sane" they seem to say,,,.

ifzan ibrahim said...


Unknown said...

looooooove your blog!

amazing pics!


- Alexxander.

Anonymous said...

boys boys boys! buy us drinks in bar! lol

Style Salvage Steve said...

Wow this is amazing, I've always wanted to live in an animated world and this would be perfect!


pretty neat!

Unknown said...

this is so pretty.

Micheal M said...

Thanks for the comment great photography

Brian said...

i love these so!

Anonymous said...

no pantz, yez!

Anouk said...

that's G to the OO to the D.

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