welcome to wonderland

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on my flight here to tokyo, i watched this wonderful movie, PHOEBE IN WONDERLAND, with so many we could grow up together moments in it. the drama teacher miss dodger in the story says "at a certain point in your life, probably when too much of it has gone by, you will open your eyes and see yourself for who you are, especially for everything that made you so different ... from all the awful normals and you would say to yourself, i am this person, and in that statement, there would be a kind of love" which pretty much sums up what this story is all about. and that little boy jamie, who wanna play the queen of hearts in the musical number, is too cute, he thinks praying a lot and doing what he hates, which is p.e., would get him the part, and when he gets to be called homo, his repartee is priceless - "homo got the part!" ooooo snap. everyone should go see this