Sunday, September 20, 2009

there's one in all of us

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a shoot i did with RED's alan carey and DNA's alex loomans for the september issue of MEN'S UNO. alex came in first that day, but was two hours late, not his fault, cos his agent got the time mixed up, cranky and urg was i already, and what's worse was he got his HUR CUT, all of his red locks long gone, just like a unicorn who has lost its horn, a couple hours of me pouting could not even do justice on how mad i was. but as soon as little alan walked in, with his grin and those puppy eyes, there were all sunshine and rainbows and dandelions and stuff


Anonymous said...

I <3 Alan Carey!

Anonymous said...

Romantic Story:)



charming and romantic. meaning of elegance.

HAWT Blog said...

Beautiful pictures! Thanks :)

sd said...

yup..i believe that Alan Carey can make anything better :]

jezebel said...

edward gorey would be so pleased

Anonymous said...

yes, there's a hint of douche in all of us...lola is gonna be pissed she's been cut from the story.

we could grow up 2gether said...

uh-oh, lola pissed. LOL!

Carlos Alberto Silva said...

I love these photoshoot and all the outfits, it is brilliant!

ps: you're on my "recommends" list on my website ;)

Milan Fashion Week @

Tomfyfs said...

很喜歡Mr.kwannam chu 您的攝影風格 因為看到Alan的照片 覺得很心動 特地找了一下攝影者 ^^a 我很喜歡收藏一些好看的照片 希望您不會介意我私下收藏Alan的這幾張 不是用於商業用途 純粹是個人收藏

Shane B said...

If it is up to me, I would give all the best awards for the one with dandelion, the dandelion boy, which truly captures the theme, where the wild things are !!!!!!!!

Shane B said...

Can someone please tell me where the jacket with many brooches or buttons come from?

Julia said...

Wow, this is completely charming.

haute.teapot said...

lovely photos. :)

Pure Aesthetic said...

Such amazing photos, love the fur. I need fur desperately for this winter and lots of it.

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