Monday, November 30, 2009


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this is my new best friend from brooklyn
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first great vintage find - lapel pin!
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yea, jp and i drove our porsche there ... not
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second vintage find - cole haan pebble leather lace-ups!!
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third vintage find - oval frame with a pretty boy in it!!!
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forth vintage find - where the wild things are mohair sweater!!!!


Carlos Alberto Silva said...



Mao_GSpot said...

Great shoes i love them!!!

annie.yu said...

you look like me, carrying lot of bags in the sub....hhahhahahahhahah

Style Salvage Steve said...

Once again I am left in complete awe after visiting your pretty blog. I really need to pull my finger out and hunt down vintage accessories like you lapel pin...beautiful!

hard liquor; soft holes said...

mohair cardigan is AMAZING. also love your (sun-worn?) denim shirt. have a similar one i've been trying to bust out.

Jason Hudson Dot Com said...

Love that acorn pin.

Unknown said...

You have such an incredible eye. I bet a million people passed by and saw the same things you did, but you make them special.
I love this blog!

jezebel said...

It pleases me greatly that out of all the boys on all of Bedford, you were the one who went home with that mohair prize.

Unknown said...

stop having such good times, you biotch!

Anonymous said...

ain't riding the l train fun!

Unknown said...

oh, i love the oval frame! it's so beautiful! and the picture too!!

oliverjuan said...

oh sorry, wrong account. it's hard when you have more than one. haha. :P
so again: very beautiful frame!


i so love your style.


Ca said...

I need to go vintage hunting in NYC again. Miss it miss it!

CecileQP said...

I love your eye for detail and your style! Beautiful pictures.

Angélique said...

looove ur cardigan!

Thx for ur comment in my drawings . I will fulfil your blog , I love this pretty one :)

Unknown said...

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