Saturday, March 13, 2010

j'adore dior

as much as i hate to admit, i do j'adore this vintage DIOR murse on ebay, happy bidding y'all! i know i will!


Pret a Porter P said...

good luck!

oh fudge said...

loving the distressed leather. good luck!

jordan said...

you and the monogram? NO!

TheRainWillRemain said...

Thanks so much for stopping by!I didn't know your work but I've been checking your blog and I must say it's amazing so I'll make sure to come back and see what's new!



Yve said...

that's a really nice "murse" - man purse? haha 1st time i've heard that being used.
I love it how one can always find random vintage gems like this in ebay!
Good luck =)

Jason Daniels said...

So I got home around 2a.m. and have been on your blog since then. I looked at all your posting from your archive. Now I can easily say you are a genius. I love you work, life, and style.

You are a very fascinating person and I hope to have half the fabulous life you have. i moved to NYC three months ago. Starting over is hard, but your blog gives me hope for the future.

Thank you for being my inspiration!


Jason Daniels

oh fudge said...