Wednesday, October 06, 2010

it gets better

grover asks christopher, "what kind of people can you love?"
christopher answers, "any kind!"

this is the we could grow up 2gether kinda love - the love the world needs right now. the love that can put an end to all the bullying. the love that can stop us from beating each other up just because we are different. the love that can convince a helpless youngster's heart to not end his precious life. growing up and trying to be who you are is not easy, it never is, but we have to be strong, no matter how hard it seems. simply because IT GETS BETTER. it will be. it has to be. only if you don't give up.


matthew said...

true that

Ryu said...

It'll get better :)

wax said...

i love this entry :)

techinkraikhajornkitti said...

very lovely:)


Beautiful post, I still can't get that poor tormented kid who jumped off the George Washington bridge here in Manhattan out of my mind.
X David, NYC

Ca said...