louis janse van rensburg

louis is 19 years old and has a long name. he's from down under and he played danny in his highschool musical grease, giggles

the table of accessories and props, i snag that skull thing and brought it home and when i displayed it, it scared the hell out of me, so no

a camera like this freaks me out, it makes me feel like sigourney weaver trying to escape in a spaceship she's never flown before in alien the movie, having no clues what those numbers and buttons are for ...

this is me pretending to know what i'm doing with all those keys and stuff

again, still having no clue which one should i click and the alien is already here ...

these prada short shorts with frayed edges are bananas

on your left is me carrying my vintage mini briefcase, and on the right is just a lil something from the house of hermes

awww, louis the boy and teddy the bear could grow up 2gether