Tuesday, April 06, 2010


these one of a kind handmade robot fellas by artist AMY FLYNN are the cutest thing ever. i so want to grow up together with all of them! below are the ones available at ANTHROPOLOGIE, and just so you know, im marrying myself this summer and im registered at ANTHROPOLOGIE, so y'all better get me one of those.


Lucky Daily said...
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LuckyBoy1420 男孩像我 said...

robots awesome like you. 同你一样!哈哈。

matthew said...

these are adorable, and why the heck do they have to be this expensive?

R. Gratz said...

These are soo freaking awesome!!! Marrying yourself made me laugh... you're silly. Haha.


W.E. said...

Love these robots! They're like mini sculptures with major personalities. Thanks for sharing and best of luck with the wedding plans! (wink, wink)
Diary of a Wandering Eye

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

hahaha.. Congrats Kwannam! Those robots make great wedding gifts:-P LOVE!

Unknown said...

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