Sunday, May 30, 2010

grahame G. fowler

every time i go to JACK's, i would pass by this cute little store next door called GRAHAME G. FOWLER. one day i finally walked into the shop and discovered heaven. this little west village shop was converted from an old dry cleaner, selling shirtings that are all handmade in new york ( my favorite is the critters one with anchors all over it ), carefree unlined double-breasted jackets, and suits that are created exclusively for the "man about the village." you see colors and teddy bears and nice brogues everywhere. and the garment conveyor hanging all the shirts just took my breath away. moreover, the uber friendliness of mr. fowler is just icing on the cake - he would greet you with a warm "good afternoon" with an adorable british accent, and he even let me take all these pictures!


jonas said...

"man about the village", i like the sound of that

Matthew Spade said...

wow it does look amazing, love the layout and the business of it all. nice to know he was a british chap too

Enrique & Matt said...

alas! you've found our favorite ny store. we knew it wouldn't take long till you get these awesome pics on your site. so very 'we could grow up together'