Friday, July 16, 2010


ema suggested me to get a little something from CHOCO CRO before my flight and she was damn right, these chocolate croissants are delicious!


Unknown said...

Oh those things are fantastic! Could't get enough of them in May when I was in Tokyo; I should've suggested you go to Midori Sushi at Mark City in Shibuya - BEST INEXPENSIVE SUSHI EVER, NO JOKE.

Adore your blog!

xoxo M

coin-operated ninja said...

looks enticing!!!

btw, just saw your comment on my blog... i didn't get any message from you! were did you send it?

coin-operated ninja said...

ooops, i just saw the message! lol! will send you an e-mail ASAP! :)

Unknown said...

The chocolate croissant is a strange idea (Pains au chocolat rule) but I really dig the packaging!

David said...

Love your blog and your photos!
Are so great! :D

Thiago Francisco said...

love it! :)

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