asbury park. the finale

this is the wang gang! that's what blake called us; so "carefree" as he put it

after a long day of hard work, dramatic weather, crazy steroid stalker, and a warm reunion with the gay dad, everyone got ice cream in nagles in ocean grove, my treat!

lucas had what i had too, which was pistaschio

i accidentally deleted blake's ice cream picture, oooooops

out of everyone in the crew, fumi's been with me the longest, he was there since my first shoot in new york back in 2005, i found him on craigslist. thank you fumi!

smiles that even a million bucks wont buy me

i grew up seeing bruce weber's shoots and i would tell myself, "this is what i wanna do when i grow up". i guess i'm kinda doing that a lil bit now, like doing shoots with amazing people, no dramas but great laughters, turning what's supposed to be work into one big field trip. making it an unforgettable adventurous journey that i want to last forever ...