Tuesday, October 19, 2010

voor een verloren soldaat

for a lost soldier 1 for a lost soldier 2 for a lost soldier 3 for a lost soldier 4 for a lost soldier 5 for a lost soldier 6 for a lost soldier 7 for a lost soldier 8 for a lost soldier 9 for a lost soldier 10 for a lost soldier 11 for a lost soldier 12 the name of this story i did with lucas kalda is voor een verloren soldaat. it is for i.t post. styled by MICHAEL FISHER, together with beautiful portraits of lucas by RICHARD KILROY. i love this story dearly.


Charlotte said...

What a beautiful story, just loved it! and how cute wasn't the letter?

Lucas är bara så snygg, det är så roligt att han fått komma ut i världen, det förtjänar han. Han är verkligen en fantastisk modell!

Im' Swedish, so you figure that piece out! ;)

Btw, i adored the "kärlek" picture

freshmess said...

Fantastic! Loved reading the letter in Swedish. Love the crumpled photo of Lucas on the beach.

jun said...

beyond words.

milostyle.se said...

Lovely, and the swedish letter was so funny, I wasn't expecting finding that here. Im from Stockholm...

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad I've found your blog! You are a wonderful photographer! Can't wait to see what you do next.

Sara said...

tycker om bloggen! =)

F.S said...

heyy 'een verloren soldaat'(= a lost soldier). I didn't know you speak Dutch?:P

Brandon said...

I love the styling in the last shot! absolutely gorgeous!

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