Friday, November 19, 2010

everyone hearts lanvin hearts h&m

lanvin 1
lanvin 5
lanvin 3
lanvin 6
lanvin 7
lanvin 4
lanvin 2
after cocktails at the ace hotel with isa we went to the lanvin <3 h&m thing which took place at the pierre hotel all the way uptown and people just went crazy. alexander wang was the first to come out of the pop up store alive and got at least 3 big bags of goodies! and then john bought me this bowtie that comes with the lovely box! awwww. after that we headed to BRINKLEY'S for dinner and its all giggles, ooh-snaps, and laughters.


baby snake said...

this is not FAIR!

Anonymous said...

i want the male models, not the collection !

Unknown said...

hey anonymous, you got the ----. me like the bow tie! me want one for Lola!

Anonymous said...

you've got the wrong anonymous! that is someone else!
viva la nils!

Maar said...

EFf the county i live in. no lanvin for me :(