Monday, November 29, 2010

levis photo workshop

levis 3
levis 6
levis 4
levis 2
levis 5
levis 7
levis 1
u can print your stuff, make t-shirts out of the pictures you took or even rent a studio and all those antique camera for free in this little, well not that little, LEVIS PHOTO WORKSHOP


stock ideas said...

cool pics.

Unknown said...

I wish my country had store like that ! said...

Absolutely fantastic! I can't wait to visit. Your photos are always superb.

Anthony said...

As much as this is awesome, I wish I could go, but I just so can't, because I will NOT support such a disingenuous brand like Levis.

Matthew Spade said...

mega cool idea

Maar said...

awesome awesomness. :D