Friday, November 26, 2010

rainbow high

rainbowhigh 4
rainbowhigh 2
rainbowhigh 3
rainbowhigh 1
rainbowhigh 5
rainbowhigh 6

it was supposed to be john's rainbow high day at barney's and bergdorfs, but then i decided to indulge a little bit too, poop on his little parade, and we both got this jacket from MONITALY which is turning heads everywhere. after that we were like stepping out the stores, yelling "taxi!" real loud on the street like rich people, and rode through times square to our old time favorite KELLY & PING for dinner and had earl grey martinis at PEGU CLUB as the finale of this dazzling eventful day. eyes, hair, mouth, figure, dress, voice, style, movement, hands, MAGIC!


Bold Italic Underline said...

Any Black Friday Sale??

I miss it so much!!

coin-operated ninja said...

gurl, enjoy your new celine tote!! so happy for you!

ricola said...

I love those martinis. Egg Cream, who would've thought.

the coolbirth kid said...
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the coolbirth kid said...

what a delightful day,
love afternoons at bergdorf's and barney's!
even if it is only to look...

if a friend bought the same coat i did,
i think i'd have to injure said friend;
if i bought the same coat he did,
that's another story entirely...