Thursday, December 30, 2010


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BIOTOP is a place where you can have food, shopping, buy flowers, and a magical visit to a star-shaped tree house. the restaurant is called irving place, it's like a lodge with a fireplace, a terrace, and chandeliers. all meat dishes are charcoal-grilled. the tree house is just too cute. when you are in there alone, you feel like everything's gonna be ok, ain't no monsters or bitches gonna get you. it just can't get more we could grow up than that!


Anonymous said...


Thomas said...

Your jeans always look good and look like they fit really well. What brand are they? Where do you get them? said...

you have the most amazing style. we have to grow up together!

we could grow up 2gether said...

those jeans are pre-worn a.p.c. new cure

jun said...

amazingly, your total look just goes so well with the treehouse

Anonymous said...

honestly that coat makes me wanna stalk you, slap you from behind and steal it! i have a little blog crush on you :)