Wednesday, December 15, 2010

serendipitously green

mast 1green cup 1
mast 2
green cup 2
green cup 3
after getting some chocolate bars from MAST BROTHERS CHOCOLATE and a frank o'hara book of poems from SPOONBILL & SUGARTOWN, i went to my beloved BAKERI for a cup of cortado and it arrived magically in a green little mug. all these tiny little serendipitous things make life beautiful and unforgettable


ricola said...

Love Mast Brothers. Especially the anchor wrapping paper.

David said...

If out of all the gentrified places in Brooklyn. Mast Brothers does not deserve at at all to be covered or given press. Over-priced atrocious chocolate.

Anonymous said...

Great comment on the "little things" in life.... I agree... :-)

That cortado looks delicious, BTW...