shelter island episode 1

sebas itpost
stephan sleeping
stephan by the window
guest room
this time, we went to shelter island, bringing stephan haurholm from VNY (like again!), and sebastian sauve from SOUL ARTIST MGMT. call time was 6:30 in the morning and john was like i'm really worried that stephan's not gonna be on time cos he's the youngest kid in the bunch and the next second when we got out of the cab stephan was standing in the freezing street corner being the earliest! aw! and since its too early and everyone was all quiet and cranky we got some donut holes to lighten things up and then off we went to shelter island! john did an amazing job putting all these cartoon thingy onto the pics and made them all magical. and we stayed over at fisher's lovely home in the island and i got the best guest room ever!