Wednesday, January 26, 2011

aj abualrub

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this is my story for the feb issue of MEN'S UNO featuring aj abualrub


Unknown said...

OMG . He is so adorable .

Alyssa said...

Lovely colours!

phantom said...

i like how every model boy just turns into a special character in a fairy tale story in your shoot

aTreasuryOf said...

He can spread his legs pretty damn wide.

Anonymous said...

The orange red derby is from Z Zegna?

Anonymous said...

Much love to Petey Wright, but I knew AJ should have won the VMan model search that year. I've loved that face ever since.

jonathan said...

colorful whimsical beautiful

Daniel said...

i want denim coveralls!


beautiful and delicious! I also wanna rock out in that denim jumpsuit

Syssy Cheibs said...

Alright, ojeya!

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