Monday, January 10, 2011

the book of celine

celine dec 1
celine dec 2
celine dec 3
celine dec 4
i am a sucker for catalogues. i'd snag them, steal them, but mostly just ask for it. the lovely salesgirl at the celine concept store in omotesando hills was nice enough to let me have one of the accessory lookbooks. cherish! cherish!


Label Deficiency said...

looking through which colours you don't have yet? :)

I do the same thing.... there is nothing more exciting than seeing the upcoming products before they hit the shelves.

Giancinephile said...

They look so yummy, those bags! haha

Anonymous said...

The artwork & layout echoes Phoebe Philo's sleek designs PERFECTLY ! ♥ Score!

joy said...

It is all in the concepts and juxtaposition of objects. Not to mention Philo's approach to design! I almost fell over when looking at the photo of the tote bags lined up. Beautiful.

spin said...

i love the clip

chuck n. said...

i love how the simplicity of the images brings out the colours of the accessories!

cloudninecity said...

where did you get the 'do' clip??

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