shelter island the finale

john took this magical picture. i had perfect lighting coming from above, hitting my hair and shoulder, very julia roberts in eat pray love
slip on sneakers covered with flies by the japanese cult street brand PHENOMENON, eww
after the directional shoot with hair extensions and stuff, things began to get spooky and went another direction
wicked witch
the wicked witch of the west emerged! and john here was not sacred, he's just happy to see her
grey garden
our version of the grey gardens. and i think it's fumi who took this, capturing the candid moment
the boys turned goth! and i was like, stephan just didn't look right with all the guy-liners and black nails -_-"
fumi headpiece
fumi created this spikey headpiece. he also makes leather totes, cooks curry with beer and freaks the hell out when fisher told him to share the same bed with me
sebas fire
after a hard days work we had a bonfire at fisher's backyard, there were stars in the night skies, pizzas, and many cigarettes
this is when stephan started to get tired and had to lay down. he was the first to show up on time but he's also the one who didn't sleep at all the night before
roasting marsh mellows and making smores under the stars. ahh little things that make life beautiful