Monday, February 28, 2011

lost boys

lost boys_1-2
lost boys_3-4
lost boys_5-6
lost boys
lost boys_7-8
lost boys_11-12
my story for the march issue of MEN'S UNO with stephan haurholm and sebastian sauve!


paulie said...

SAUVE is IT! well done

Unknown said...

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峰 said...

i am loving that spread with the red sunglasses

Unknown said...

These pics are HOT!

TH said...

great great great job, Kwannam Chu !

Greetings from Belgium, TH !
cu !

No-sin-mis-chancletillas said...

The 3th Shoot it so Funny! Love it! Kisses From Spain!

Cez said...

love the last pic!!! nice shoots!!!!

two four eight one nine said...

The hat and leather tights on a naked body, next to recycling bundles (aluminum cans?), so beautiful, so sexy... well done.