Monday, March 21, 2011

new home page, sorta

new home page
妹 has been helping me out on my site WE COULD GROW UP TOGETHER since the beginning and he just revamped my homepage a lil bit so go check it out y'all! and i bet many of you have no ideal where the name wcgut is from, it's what elliott says to et when et's busy building that phone home thing and elliott goes,"you could be happy here, i could take care of you. i wouldn't let anybody hurt you. we could grow up together, E.T." makes me cry every time i hear that


Matthew Spade said...

everything is looking nice and good. ah now we now

Anonymous said...


we could grow up 2gether said...

u STFP! u and yo dime jar whatever spare me some change band is so not gonna play at our frog abortion tour! cc bloom do not approve!

Star7 said...

I have been looking at your wcgut for a while now. I knew that you were a great photographer from the shots you shared in the blog. I even saw one of you editorials in a mag once from HK. All wonderful!
I just saw your work site for the first time and I am struck! The level of creativity and style is outta here.
I have a different sense of model's looks than most and I found myself being moved by your photos. I don't know if you shoot the essence or if you imagine an essence and then give it to the model but wow.
All I can say is an old school "You go boy!"
Thank you again for taking us on your journey...
Peace & Love.

Anonymous said...

oh just you wait...just you wait. we have a surprise singer that will make you so jealous you can hardly breathe!

Anonymous said...


Where are my pictures on that homepage?

Brittany aka Whitney aka Lo