Sunday, April 03, 2011

norman rockwell

brooklyn museum 3
brooklyn museum 2
brooklyn museum 4
brooklyn museum 1
if it wasn't for the norman rockwell exhibition, there is no way we are going to that brooklyn museum. like, hell to the no! but there is nothing more we could grow up together than the work of rockwell. he would have so many black and white pictures taken with the models, in various poses and expressions, beforehand, and then start painting the photographs and combining them into a one great piece of work - capturing the sweetest and most fleeting moments in life. and on the fifth floor of the museum where they have all those pocahontas shit, i saw the evil twin of my monitaly jacket, lol!


morris said...

no wonder there is always a little bit of rockwell in your boys of your pictures

Anonymous said...

I love your Prada robot. What's his name?