Wednesday, April 20, 2011

philipsburg manor

manor 1
manor 2
manor 3
manor 4
manor 5
manor 6
manor 7
manor 8
manor 9
manor 10
manor 11
manor 12
for our sunday roadtrip we went to this philipsburg manor place in sleepy hollow. i started the day with a mcdonalds southern style chicken biscuit for breakfast and off we go! there were people dressing in clothes from a gazillion years ago there making yarn and there were sheep and stuff. it's kinda like wtf but then we got some cheetos and some sodas and turned on the radio - sang & dance to born this way and off to the our second destination which i would post in a part 2 of this entry and it's gonna be quite spectacular


KC said...

oh cute sheep!!! i want one as a pet.

jun said...

what an adventure!

annie.yu said...

do u remember this with our Dion in Melbourne?

Anonymous said...

Oh the little lamb is adorable