hunks the sequel day two

look what arthur sales (SOUL) and tim rueger (VNY) brought in with them in day two of the hunks "the sequel" shoot -- blue skies and a whole lotta hotness, especially when arthur started dancing
tim and arthur 1
tim and arthur 2
what would you like to achieve this year? read more and live more. grow with new experience, especially at work. do more acting jobs like videos and tv commercials. keep enjoying and learning, which is very important. who would you like to trade places with for a month? the best ufc fighter of all, anderson silva! give us 3 adjectives to describe yourself: faithful. loving. happy. what are your hobbies? soccer and jiujitsu. and arthur got an A cos i would have him written all his answers on a piece of paper and you would be amazed by how perfect of a speller he is!
arthur turnaround
tim and arthur 3
how would you describe yourself? happy and funny. things that you are into: hockey. sports in general. music. traveling. things to do before the end of this year: learn how to play the guitar and a new language. if u could trade places with a famous person, who'd that be? a young hugh hefner. if you could go back in time and be an eye witness to a special event, what'd that be? to see the berlin wall being torn down