Tuesday, May 10, 2011

lotuff & clegg

lotuff&clegg 2
lotuff&clegg 3
my latest obsession is this LOTUFF & CLEGG working tote. designed as a serious piece of equipment, this leather tote holds tools for the garden, dock, field or workday; doubles as a leather briefcase and shines in the airport, easily holds two or three smaller bags and laptop. simply perfect for me as a handcarry. there is no hardware to mar fine finishes; unlined in a minimalistic yet beautiful way. and oh, did i mention how thick but buttery soft the leather is?!


darlene said...

It looks great and luxurious.

Will @ Bright.Bazaar said...

Love it. You rock it as well!

jun said...

The leather looks luscious and the color combination looks superb

Anonymous said...

wow!!! so adorable.

rachel kara said...

perfect, impeccable taste as always. Need me one of these


Mxx said...

Awesome. Looks like the perfect travel or everyday bag!