he has found his own ways to be happy

own way to be happy
i ain't a fan of the tumblr, it's just a whole lotta laziness and recycling, but i came across this image from CHEBAB that moves me a buttload - five years ago, after visiting the er for being so sick and dizzy and then catching my flight to new york to go see madonna's concert and starting this blog with a PICTURE of me in a wheelchair, a magical journey named WE COULD GROW UP 2GETHER has begun. 5 years, 500 followers, 948 entries and many hair lost later, i can be damn sure that i have found my own ways to be happy, and this blog is surely one of them. thank you y'all for sharing all these with me. it's been a true blast of bliss and glees and growth and getting closer to becoming who i strive to be. and i cant wait for all the new adventures to come ... for you and me!