Wednesday, July 27, 2011

my own private idaho

out of the blue, i wanted to blog about cinema, like films that have inspired me fashionably and ideologically. the first significant one that came to mind would be gus vant sant's my own private idaho
first of all, its keanu reeves and river phoenix, a duo that would never ever happen again, it's just so golden
skin tight white jeans are meant to be hemmed so high to show off your beat up boots
accessorize your duffle coat over a ringer t shirt with a flower
corduroy jacket with a shearing lining is a must for all road trips on the highways
when i was growing up watching this, i thought being a hustler was so cool, lol
tangerine and yellow and floral print made me fell with in love with vintage clothing for the very first time. hats off to costume designer beatrix aruna pasztor. and the story is just heartbreaking beauteous, it's simply like hoping we could grow up together but then we couldn't. so "whatever, whenever, have a nice day!"

oh, and when i was in high school in hong kong, my first published piece of writing was a film review on this one for an evening newspaper. no wonder why it has been so special


Anonymous said...

Very nostalgic. Like this very much.

Juanduh said...

I have a frind with a blog called "Living in my own private idaho" I Love this post and I think she'll love it too

Guille Rubio said...

I love that moviee,Keanu was Hot!
The River phoenix rol was epic!
And Gus Van Sant is a genious!

follow me!:)


babysnake said...

I remember in that diner scene the jukebox is play Madonna's cherish! "cheeerish! cheeerrrish!"

Matthew Spade said...

i've never seen it but i like how you dissected the styling

Star7 said...
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Star7 said...

This is one of my favorite movies. Everyone who knows me knows this. I was so in love with this movie I dressed in their style for at least a year. LA was good for this style. But everyone thought I was on Heroin. But I didn't care...

Than you very much for reminding me of this.

T from SF

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