Monday, August 22, 2011

claus porto

a photograph i took with two CLAUS PORTO soaps for the economic journal


Anonymous said...

hi precious.

i have been a keen follower of many blogs...but yours is i daresay the most interesting in the entire world...really. yours is like a light reading over a cup of tea in a winter sun by the veranda, touched by blown-white cotton drape, curled-up on a comfy couch, half-covered with woolen knit and some echoes of chirping birds...can you imagine that feeling?

it is warm and stress-free.

i always look forward to all what you'll say and post.

keep it up.


we could grow up 2gether said...

of cos i can imagine that feeling. thank you Y

Anonymous said...

you never ceased to make smile...that's why i smile...


TM said...

Claus Porto! Now, there's something you should visit here in (O)Porto!.. Maybe shoot something here too? Think about it..

Stelina said...

love them!
you can find them at