Monday, August 01, 2011

today is a good day

number a 1
number a 4
number a 3
number a 2
number a 5
as soon as i landed in tokyo the shopping has been non-stop, then kaz took me to this cute little place in aoyama called NUMBER A. the shrimps in garlic and olive oil is heavenly, we kept dipping out bread with the sauce. and the genius thing about tokyo is you can smoke inside, i did that with my soy latte as a lovely finale of a lovely day


Eva ▲ said...

amazing! blog full of style and inspiration!!


Anonymous said...

"genius thing about tokyo is you can smoke inside"... genius?

Shane said...

If not genius, certainly enjoyable.

aya said...

I did not know this shop to live near.
I go this time.

e*ma said...

aiya me went to the same spot earlier that day!