Monday, September 12, 2011

the peninsula

room 902 1
room 902 2
room 902 3
room 902 4
room 902 5
room 902 6
room 902 8
room 902 7
room 902 9
room 902 10
a six star hotel is never my cup of tea, but since they say shanghai is all about money and decadence, so why the hell not?! my room at THE PENINSULA SHANGHAI is pretty awesome. the walk-in closet makes me a happy twirling carrie bradshaw and all the buttons just freak me out, in a hilariously way - the one that cracks me up the most is the "spa" button, when u sit in a tub of a twin size bed next to a big ass window having a bath, click it once, the light dims and nature sound of waves and falling leaves and birdy crooning come out, there is no way you are not gonna lol when that happens. but what impresses me the most are the travel stickers for my globe trotter trunk. they come in green red and blue. now that's classy


Anonymous said...

hi k,

that's majestic! you deserve the best...i'm looking forward to your new 'fashion treasure' you'll dress up and display for our hearts' desire...

keep us inspired.


Label Deficiency said...

that is one jaw-droppingly beautiful trunk! and the hat as well.

redcoloured said...


KC said...

wow.. i so envy you right now.

two four eight one nine said...

I was there in Nov, and absolutely love the hotel. Did not get the sticker though. Jealous.

marc of TwoFourEightOneNine

T said...

I love that there is that little box for your laundry in the closet. So posh. I beats putting your dry cleaning in a bag.

T L Pek

we could grow up 2gether said...

24819: the stickers come in three colors, and they are hiding where the put the envelope, in the drawers of the desk in the living room haha

TLPEK: are u talking about that box where you put yr stuff and then the bell boy can get from the other end? so there would be no human contact?! lol that box is so prison-like but in a high class way hehe

TL Pek said...

Yup, I'm so into the fancy institutionalization of that misanthropic device. It's totally from that old school era where you didn't want to see "the help". It's sort of like the domestic laundry version of texting vs call for help. (I don't know if that analogy makes any sense?)