Monday, October 17, 2011

29 céline mEdium shoppers

29 mediums
i am so addicted to these, like i google them everyday, and here is what i have collected


Anonymous said...

hey cutie k,

may i ask why the shopper design (extreme top left) in maroon is not available anymore? mostly in different textures with zipps?

i'm pretty sure you know the reason. would love to have one or two of that? because of you i became strongly going for it...

keep us inspired.


we could grow up 2gether said...

the envelope luggage is a rare breed from the f/w 2010 season. they come in mini and medium size, and in olive, orange, black, ivory and maroon. i guess if it's a one off style which would be discontinued the next season, it becomes more precious? no?!

Cosmo-boy said...

I am so excited with your blog! Are you living in HK? I've been 2 times in HK and going again for upcoming new year! Me and my boyfriend like shopping in HK and it's unique combination of modern city and old chinese elements. What trendy places could you reccomend? Clubs, bars, shops. I know few local interesting brands like Initial, Likelyhood, Another...May be you know more... Thanks in advance.


Izzy said...

Your love for celine is so cute. I love how you let us into this little habit of yours.

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Céline overload! AMazing:-P