Saturday, October 22, 2011


loafers faceoff 4
loafers faceoff 2
loafers faceoff 3
loafers faceoff 1
after posion girl saw my old BASS weejuns that i got like 5 years ago from one of those shops on broadway in soho, you know those footwear shops that are packed with jerseys and tourists on the weekends who fight for or try on uggs and shit? well, she decided she want a pair too. now she owns a pair of the ventura red 75 cam brushoffs and pairing them with pokadots socks


Label Deficiency said...

equally nice shoes you two have. I'm sad that I have to dispose my penny loafers since they're ruined but it's a good excuse to purchase a new pair.

Xena said...

do you know if bass ships to canada or if there's any possible way for a canadian to find these? so hard to find quality penny loafers for a reasonable price as bass in canada :(