Thursday, October 27, 2011

shek - O

skek-o 1
shek-o 2
shek-o 3
shek-o 4
shek-o 5
shek-o 6
remember LOUIS TRAINOR in the first video i have ever made? i get to shoot with him again in this small beach town called shek-o and it was windy as hell but the photographs turned out purdy. so we each had a coconut to celebrate. sweet


annie.yu said...

i want to drink coconut too~ and bring me to Shek O next time



Anonymous said...

i almost got really excited that that first pic was alex dunstan. still pretty, though

Anonymous said...

i think he looks better than Alex Dunstan in his own way, im sure i seen him in Tokyo a couple of months ago, has a twin who is over in japan now. it would be amazing to see Kwannam do a shoot with them both together.

we could grow up 2gether said...

na, twins freak me out. well kinda