Wednesday, November 16, 2011


dst 1
dst 2
dst 4
dst 7
daylight saving time is whack. it's like i have to get up earlier to enjoy more daylight or something. so i got up a little before 7, walked through thompskin square park to get my morning soy latte with a buttload of honey from mud coffee. then sat down on a random stoop to read my book. had lunch with fumi at this soba place sobakoh. then took the l train to williamsburg to meet with wax for a sweet coffee & cigarette break at bakeri. and then poof, it's sunset and the twilight (team jacob!) started creeping in, at 4:30! awww fleeting golden times


Wax said...

That's it. I am calling 1-800-JENNYCARE!!!

Anonymous said...

team EDWARD!!!!!

Anonymous said...

you is lovin' that yellow sweater

we could grow up 2gether said...

hell yea, cant take that yellow thing off